Keeping the mind busy and mental health at bay

This evening, while feeling totally deflated and useless, have found myself slumped on the sofa for pretty much the whole night.

At the time, I have such little energy and motivation to move, or do anything, that it’s only til’ I’m getting ready for bed that the amount of time I waste feeling low, upset and depressed really becomes quantifiable.

Just like tonight. I could have finished redesigning my shelf, putting things on gumtree for sale, started making a new dress or even done something so simple as doing the washing up; with this in mind while moping around, I turned to my planner!

If your mental health makes you feel so low you just don’t want to do anything at all, then I would HIGHLY recommend buying a weekly planner and spending one evening a week to plan your chores, social plans, bubble baths or whatever your life entails! Sunday evenings is my fave time to sit and plan the week ahead!

Keeping your mind focused and busy in your free time is so useful when suffering from depression or any type of mental health. However! Lazy days are fabulous in moderation, and we all deserve them, but repeating this every day can be detrimental for our personal growth.

Top tip! Make sure to not overload your days, just plan one activity an evening to start with, such as putting some washing on, then the next day treat yourself to a bubble bath and your favourite book etc.

This way, you won’t end up with a kitchen full of dirty dishes and half painted furniture like me! Eek.

Stay fluffy; we can get through this together.

With Love, Luj x

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