Adapting your thoughts

While on my journey to find internal happiness, or to at least be content with with who I am, I have 
found myself purchasing self help books, of which I have taken away some good tips and mental exercises to practice. These have helped me personally to, 1. be kinder to myself, and 2. realise that life is hard, with some parts being particularly shit, however, living with this mindset is honestly pretty naff, (this is where my mind has been for the past 4 years, so I’d like to think I’m quite a pro at this negative thinking lark!)

Although I agree that these exercises do not eliminate our struggles, I am a believer in that we must try to better ourselves, I mean, who else is going to?? We are stuck in our body for a long old time, so lets live a little and cut ourselves some slack.

“Lets live a little and cut ourselves some slack.”

I could write a whole list of the exercises that I have read about and practiced here, but lets start with just one; of which I have kinda’ put a Luj-spin on…

One of the most powerful ways to alter negative beliefs is to use positive affirmati-ons (mantras)

Verbally abusing myself was an activity I used to do daily. 
Every time I would look in a mirror I would cry because of my appearance, tell myself that I was ugly and fat, that I didn’t deserve to be loved, and how I wish I could die. And, you know what, I still have these feelings now, however, I don’t say them aloud – my mind can think what it likes, sometimes I can’t control it and my emotions and depression take over, with the voice in my head beating me down daily, but not telling myself these things out loud really does make a difference.

Here are a few examples personal to me to get you started…

  • I’m broken emotionally and mentally > I am strong and have overcome my past and I’m working hard on my current state
  • I’m a failure > I’m a success
  • I don’t look like Kim Kardashian > I’m kind, caring, personable and have a wicked personality

Whatever your circumstances, you will find many mantras to alter your negative beliefs. If you feel you can’t do this just yet, then start where I did by not saying your self-abuse aloud, then slowly progress onto replacing your negative thoughts with the opposite.

Until next time, stay safe and fluffy,

With Love, Luj x

Disclaimer – Although this blog is written by myself and all experiences are unique to me, I have taken material from Lynda Fields book, ‘Weekend Confidence Coach’. I highly recommend this book to mental health sufferers, or anyone who just wants to boost their morale or emotional state.

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