What makes you happy?

Well, after a, not-so-positive recent post, I am back to brighten my blog up again with enlightenment and general Luj’ness!

It’s been a challenging couple of weeks and I’m not afraid to admit that I have them frequently, and when I do, I fall pretty damn’ hard. This is part of trying to grow, we will be knocked down multiple times, and it hurts, so so bad; we feel weak and useless alongside all the other emotions that are crashing around in our heads. What we overlook however, is how strong we are to keep trekking on, over the rocky, overgrown pathways that, at first, felt like they we’re blocking us in.

“It is far too often that we forget all the things we love”

When we are sad, down, depressed and/or struggling with the challenges of our lives, it is far too often that we forget all the things that we love, or we overlook the appreciation we once had, and we focus on negativity and damaging thoughts.

Here is an example of how we can overlook appreciation…

For example, if I am super happy and positive, and I pick up my favourite tub of ice cream, I sit and enjoy in the deliciousness and feel generally good because it makes me happy.

However, if I am feeling sad and negative, and turn to the tub of ice cream, I feel like crap, I don’t enjoy it, and I’m only eating it because, well, why not? I want it to make me feel better and eliminate my problems, which ultimately results in me feeling pretty sick and not enjoying it to its full extent. Oh, and my problems are still here!

So, while reading my trusty self help books, this time it’s, ‘Be Yourself’ by Lynda Fields, it mentioned about writing down things that makes you happy, and I thought I’d give it a go!

Make sure you are sitting quietly and grab some paper and a pen, draw a heart in the middle of the page, and start to think of the things that bring you joy, make you smile and that make you genuinely happy, then write these around that heart. Here are a few examples to start you off…

  • Memories of your childhood
  • The scent of your favourite flower
  • Playing games
  • Hiking in the woods

I have completed a rough sketch of what mine looks like to help you on your way. I found it quite useful to take 10 minutes to sit alone and complete this exercise, reminding myself of the things I love in this world, rather than just telling myself how I hate life or how I’m so low.

I thought this was a fabulous idea and I hope you do too. If you find it difficult at first, you can try writing just 1 or 2 points – the quantity here doesn’t matter, it’s purely for us to start adapting our minds to think of our positive memories and loves’ of life over the negatives.

Good luck!

With Love, Luj x

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