When tiredness takes over. Zzzz

As it starts getting later into the Sunday evening, I look back on the week that has just passed; work, washing, date nights, and everything in between, which honestly is not much (I live a quiet life, and that’s how I like it)

Yet, I still seem to be stupidly tired, ALL of the time, which, eventually seems to start shutting down the creative side of my brain. For example, on Friday evening, I sat in a huge pile of old clothes that no longer fit me, and I couldn’t think of a single useful thing to do with them. Normally, this would be a ‘no problem too big’ kinda situation, as I’m always redesigning and making my own clothes, but this weekend, I failed myself!

I sat there for about 3 hours, just thinking and getting agitated at myself, until I got fed up and made Peanut a maze out of cardboard boxes, which was equally creative, but not my intended plan. (FYI though, it was worthwhile, as Peanut loves it!!)

“right now, rest and take it easy”

It’s only until now that I realise that anything at the minute just seems to wear me out, and while this is frustrating at the time, it’s also ok to have patches like this. Life is a whirlwind of a ride, and we are bound to get super tired and fed up on occasions, however it doesn’t mean that you are incapable of whatever you want to do, or lost the skills to do it (like what I thought) It will pass, and you’ll be back up and running, making that dress, painting your bedroom and everything else you want\need to do. But right now, rest and take it easy, restore your body and mind, then start once you have recharged!

Make sure to take care of yourself, always.

With Love, Luj x

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