Boomeranging’ Sertraline

While taking the antidepressant, Sertraline, (currently 200mg daily), I have, on many occasions found myself running out of, forgetting to or purposefully not taking the drug.

We have all been in the situation where we have felt better in ourselves and had the perception that we could continue in life without our trusty drug-aid… and, it’s a nice inclination really, us having a positive outlook and feeling strong, unfortunately, and too bad for us, it doesn’t last!

I cannot express the importance of not ‘boomeranging’ on antidepressants

I know the feeling of not wanting to rely on drugs to make you happy, I’ve been in the position of asking myself why I have to have them to stay stable in a job and general life (and even that’s a struggle!), and therefore I realise first hand how easy it is to go ‘cold turkey’ and try to battle it alone. However! No matter your positive outlook, I cannot express the importance of not ‘boomeranging’ on your drugs! It’s just not worth it, especially when the withdrawal symptoms kick in and then you have to ease yourself back onto your prescription… which is not an easy task alone.

Let me clarify – I’m no pro at this yet, and to prove it, here is my most recent experience at my DRs…

I ran out of my Sertraline and you guessed it, went cold turkey…this time it was unintentional, I just didn’t keep track of how many I had left… big oopsie!

I, being the broken, suicidal woman, sat in front of my DR, with tears streaming down my face as I asked her why I needed Sertraline to be ‘normal’, and her response was…

It’s an ‘aid’ for the difficult times; if you broke a leg, you would have the aid of crutches, would you not use crutches and be in pain, or utilise them and be steady?”

Ok, so, if we are to think of our antidepressants etc as an aid, why would we go cold turkey on them? Is it not easier to keep a steady and calm recovery cycle? Think of if we broke a bone… Would we rip the cast off before we’ve been advised and believe we’ll be ok? No, we wouldn’t, (well, I hope not?!) so why are antidepressants any different?

Our minds and wellbeing just take a little longer to heal and recover, but that’s ok, we’ll do it together, and we’re already well on our way, no matter how small the step.

As a ‘to-do’ task – I’d like us to all put reminders in our phones/calendars to order our prescriptions a week before we run out, enabling us to have a weeks supply until we pick up our next batch

Until next time, stay fluffy and sparkly!

With Love, Luj x

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