Grey knit jumper transformation

If, like me, you find yourself getting tired of your clothes, then look no further, your inspiration fairy is here! (Alongside my imaginary unicorn, doggies, moggies, bunnies and hamsters too). I need a farm.

Oh! Please excuse the colour variation in the photo, I couldn’t find the exact picture of the jumper before my alterations, and my apartments lighting isn’t the brightest… but it is/was the same jumper, I promise! Anyhoo…

My first task of rejigging my jumper was snipping off the choker collar and sewing up the edges where I cut to avoid the knit coming undone – I found myself getting massively irritated by this choker throughout the day so it HAD to go!

Next, I took to sewing on some lace offcuts around the cuffs to give it a more girly and unique vibe – this also works well if you want to add some length to your sleeves! tend to ruffle the fabric up before sewing it onto the garment, turning the tension up super high (8) on my sewing machine to create the ruffle of the lace, then placing it onto the cuffs and attaching under normal tension (4) ensuring that the lace has enough length to go around the cuff.

Lastly, I made a large bow from more offcuts of other clothes (nothing fits me anymore 😞🥐🍟) and hand sewed onto the neckline of the jumper, which I think gives a boutiquey’ kinda look. (I do several stitches throughout the bow to ensure it doesn’t come loose; it’s quite heavy fabric and just a few stitches will not secure it fully)

  • Tip! To make the bow look super neat, I zig zag stitch around the edge of the fabric and iron it on medium to high steam BEFORE arranging the bow; this will help the fabric sit nicely in the bow shape and keep its form when on the jumper.
Grey knit jumper transformation

Get creative with your clothes and see what you can restore! It will give you a confidence boost and improve your mental health by keeping busy and stimulating your mind while doing things you love.

Until next time…

With Love, Luj x

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  1. Hey LJ! I just wanted to let you know how much I admire your bravery talking about mental health! As someone who’s suffered with MH (mainly in the past and now trying to keep things on an even keel) I never had the courage to talk publicly about it, and you really never know who you might help ❤️ I’ve only recently even built up the courage to comment on mental health posts! 🙈 You’ve inspired me on days I’ve felt down to reignite my creative flare! Keeping busy is so important and I love the feeling of creating/up cycling something! Sending you love in the dark times and wishing you luck on the journey ahead. The hard times really won’t last forever ❤️ Hollie


    1. Thank You for your kind words Hollie. I hope that I can encourage, help or even enlighten many people, and for them to know it’s not an embarrassing or shameful emotion. Thank you for your support and good luck in your journey. With Love, Luj x


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