From old unwanted travel bag… to pink’alicious pencil case!

I’m a BIG believer in saving pennies where possible and reusing unwanted bits and bobs that you may have lying around your home! You don’t need stashes of cash to do this, yet, in return, they will bring you stashes of smiles, compliments and self appreciation! Woohoo! GO US!

Pink’alicious pencil case transformation!

All I did for this super cute, girly’licious pencil case transformation is…

  1. Dig out my old toiletries bag and give it a quick wipe over so it’s nice and clean!
  2. Make a big pink, fluffy Pom Pom using some Pom Pom makers I bought online at Amazon! (They’re around £5.00 and a must have if you’re obsessed with anything pommy!)
    1. TIP – For a super fluffy Pom Pom, give it a trim!
  3. Thread some thick cotton through the Pom Pom and thread through the zipper pull ensuring it’s securely attached and you can’t see the cotton!
  4. I then used some spare pink ribbon, formed it into a bow shape and sewed it onto the front of the bag
    1. For this bit, I sewed through the centre of the bow and right through the Perspex – I continued to repeat this to fully secure the bow.
  5. Finally, to add just a tad bit of sparkle, I used superglue to attach a diamanté (that I found in my sewing box) to the centre of the bow!

…and there we have it! A girly new pencil case for work, so I can be ‘oh so unique’. Just how I like it!

I hope this inspires you to be creative and redesign items in your home! Until next time…

With Love, Luj x

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