Be a Flamingo in a flock of Pigeons

I LOVE this quote! I’ve been seeing it around for foreveron Pinterest, on posters etc and it really doesn’t get old for me!

With all the perfect men and women being thrown in front us at every minute of every day, I think we forget that it’s not just ok, but amazing and powerful to be our own person, and not to try and be a clone of the ‘it’ celeb of the month or have ‘the eyebrows of the season’. I mean, I certainly can’t keep up with it, let alone afford it, and I’m certain I’m not alone here.

It’s easy to become down, upset, self conscious and jealous in the world we live in, (I suffer from all of these several times a day), but I also think we lose are individuality sometimes. We try so hard to attain or become thinner, curvier, fitter, having our makeup a certain way, wishing for lip fillers and goodness knows what else, and at the same time, we’re not doing what we really love, such as being quirky, kind or having our own sense of fashion, which is what our loved ones loved about us first!

I realise that no-one is ever 100% confident and outgoing, and I honestly don’t think we ever will be, but we can put some of our energy into being the true, fabulous beings/flamingos that we are deep inside. Squark! Heck, if I want to wear my huge pom pom scarf, handmade Pom Pom hoop earrings and hella high Pom Pom booties to work, I will! And I don’t care that I’ll be standing at 6’3 (I’m a true leggy flamingo being 5’11), because you know what, I love those boots, and I love Pom poms and I deserve to wear them. Who’s to say I cannot? Only me. And I say, ‘Luj, you shall wear your Pom Pom booties… you shall have cold toesies but fabulous feet!’

So, my question to you is, why shouldn’t you be your true self? If it makes you happy, why are you depriving yourself of that? If you stand tall in some sky scraper heels or cute flat booties, why aren’t you wearing them? If you like flowers in your hair, then put em’ in your bun like you just don’t care girl!

In conclusion, and I can’t stress this enough, Be a Flamingo in a flock of Pigeons. I’m here waiting, so please join me!

With Love, Luj x

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