My safe haven

We all have that one place where we feel safe, balanced and content, whether it be your bedroom in your family home, a games/hobby room or a secret garden hideout down a cobble stone pathway.

From my experience, it’s really important to have a place (safe haven, bunny hutch, chicken coop – whatever you want to call it!) that makes you feel ‘ok’ when everything else isn’t. You don’t have to be with anyone, or do anything, just ‘be’ and enjoy your surroundings. This, although it may not feel like it if feeling particularly down, can balance your mind and core. Recognising that you can still see beauty in your surroundings although not in life itself is a huge sign that this dark cloud will pass. When you next feel down, look for what you find beautiful or positive around you, and recognise your emotions.

My safe haven is my bedroom, I love everything about it and so I try and spend the last hour, at least, of my evening there so that I’m calm and content before bed time. I use the time to work on my blog, instagram or eBay account, prep my weekly planner or just have some pampering me time! All of which I enjoy and get satisfaction from.

Here are a few things that I find beautiful in my safe haven…

My beautiful candle lantern!
  • No artificial light except my pink rose fairy lights around my mirror
  • Lots of candles to create a calm, romantic atmosphere
  • Pink and girly decor EVERYWHERE… obviously
  • My girly pink sheets and blankets
  • Girly bed frame
  • My cuddly toys
  • Soft, pink cushions!

It doesn’t matter how happy, neutral, sad, depressed or suicidal I’m feeling, my bedroom always looks beautiful to me… ok, maybe not when it has clothes and hair-ball tumble weeds all over the floor, but you get my jist!

‘I don’t have a safe place to feel ‘ok’ in’ I hear you cry…. then it’s time to make one! It doesn’t have to cost lots of pennies or take up loads of room, it’s the little things, such as having some nice fairy lights (away from the water!!) and a candle in your bathroom, a blanket and fluffy cushions for your sofa or your favourite plant or painting in your bedroom!

Have fun, be creative and most importantly, stay content and peaceful.

With Love, Luj x

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