Becoming active on social media again…

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve had quite some time away from writing my blog. Within this time, I’ve struggled with myself and who I am, my purpose and my love-hate relationship with myself. One of the things I’ve noticed that really flares up my depression and lack of self confidence is social media. I can easily say that I amnot a fan of it, and I’m on very few platforms unlike most of the population nowadays, being WordPress for my blog and Instagram.

I am more than happy, and very comfortable to just write my blog and be in my own little world, but trying to reach out and develop my blog as a self help tool is extremely difficult without using a method of social media.

This is the reason I started Instagram and, I can see why everyone likes it, it’s visual, easy to use and generally pretty damn cool; but my gosh it’s full of beautiful people and their perfect bodies. I knew what I was getting myself in for as I have always been aware that Instagram models exist and that there are a lot of beautiful people out there, but I struggled HARD, and I still do to this day. Never feeling good enough. Never feeling attractive. Never feeling content. These are all difficult to come to terms with. I felt like I didn’t know who I was anymore, and I didn’t know what I wanted for myself, and, I suppose I’m still trying to figure this out.

I tried limiting what I saw on my homepage by only following cute furry animals, self-help and mental health accounts, flowers, beautiful scenery and people who I find inspirational; this makes Instagram bearable and ensures that everything directed towards me is empowering, cute and uplifting, which is all anyone really wants. Right?

If you find yourself struggling with this, then I’d urge you to have a spring clean of the accounts that you follow!

Why choose to mentally damage yourself when you have the choice not to?

In a way, I think I’ll always suffer with ‘social media phobia’ as I call it, but you and I, together, can take small steps to make our personal experiences of it better.

  1. Stop following media personalities who flaunt their wealth and bodies. We both know it’s not because they’re particularly interesting!
  2. Make a conscious effort to limit the time you spend on social media. Start with allowing yourself only an hour a day, and avoid looking at it before snoozings!! Zzzzz.
  3. Follow accounts that make you smile, and I mean TRULY SMILE, ones which cause you to have that geeky belly-laugh that ends up hurting! (This should be a nice hurt, if it’s really bad, I’m sorry but you might want to see a DR. I take no responsibility for any medical mishaps while you’ve been watching kiddy goats jumping on people) SO CUTE!

By following these steps, I believe we can make a cushty bubble for ourselves on social media. And if a cutie patootie in her micro thong ends up on our feed somehow, we’ll have our moment awing her and being self conscious, and then say ‘pffffft, my mini mouse girl boxers are WAY cuter than that string cheese thing’ while clicking the little down arrow on the top right of the post, and pressing ‘hide post’. Ta dahhhh, cheese string no more, but bunnies instead ❤

Try it and let me know how you get on!

Alternatively, you can add me on Instagram, I follow and like all super cute stuff to keep my followers (the very few I have) positive and in a safe bubble! My username is WithLoveLujx.

Toodles for now.

With Love, Luj x

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