Mindful terminology and how we can log into our calm place

As I’m sure you’ve seen, there is a lot of attention around being mindful, being calm and ensuring that we are grounded, but what does this really mean? And how can we get there?

I’ve done a lot of reading around mental health, mindfulness, confidence and being happy, so I’d thought I’d write about what some of this terminology means to me, and maybe you can relate or even recognise your own actions here.

Being mindful

Imagine you’re watching yourself go about your day, as if you’re having an out of body experience, (we all do it subconsciously, it’s just like day dreaming). You are watching every move you make and really thinking about it, you smile to yourself when witnessing acts of kindness, wince and scowl towards cruelty and, everything in-between.

This, to me, is what mindfulness is. It’s really thinking about and feeling the moment, feeling gracious and enjoying the taste of your morning coffee, or the feeling of love and friendship when with your partner, friends and/or family.

I also believe there’s an aspect of being cautious when talking with others, as no one knows what’s going on in others lives. Being mindful is not just a state of mind, but a way of life too.

Being grounded/centred

This comes from a holistic/spiritual background, and is a pure inner feeling of knowing that you are enough and, you are secure. The phrase ‘being grounded’ is seen to arise from how close you are to the earths core, and therefore the ground. So if you are aware and grounded, you would feel connected, secure, calm, energised and psychologically ‘free’ from stress or worry.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t have a busy life, or you aren’t working hard enough, but instead that you are aware of your surroundings and can remain spiritually calm.

Being confident

This is a funny one, as I suffer with perceiving this in the most kind and mindful way myself, but have you ever thought that being confident is not just about looking like a supermodel or being the bees knees at work? (We’re all guilty here, so don’t be hard on yourself)

Instead, I see confidence as being proud of what you’ve overcome, proud of something you’ve achieved, the confidence you have when you say ‘no’ to that sales(wo)man, the aura you have when speaking of something you stand for, or even the feeling of relief and courage when you’ve gone to the doctors for help.

Sure, I wish I was shorter, had a thinner waist, had super even eyebrows and everything else, but I’m also pretty confident in choices I make, such as saying no to buying a lamp when finding out it was made from real goose feathers, standing up to volunteer for extra activities at work and generally making time to do things for me!

The inner feeling of knowing that what you’re doing is right, t’s your choice, and you’re doing it for you.

This, is confidence.

‘It’s time to look after you!’

I thought it would be nice to share some of the things that I do, to unwind, relax and log into a mindful world of my own. Hopefully they can inspire you to try too!

  • Schedule one or two evenings a week to have a bubble bath and pamper session (having quiet ‘me time’ will work wonders for relaxing you, both physically and mentally)
  • Reading – a book that you can indulge and lose yourself in will let you log out of your current stresses and see you in a different world, which is often something we need! Try to avoid puzzles or activity books as we want to calm the mind here, not work it.
  • Crafts – a huge part of my life is spent designing and making new things, and redesigning/up cycling items I already own. Now although you do have to think, it can also be very therapeutic and calming to sit quietly being creative! Doodling/drawing is another fabulous way to calm your mind and release stress.
  • Go for a walk – I am no where near physically fit, I’m actually very lazy, however, on many occasions when I’ve been going through a bad time, my partner has dragged me on a short walk around the block. We talk about nothing in particular, but just being outside and inhaling the fresh air really does something, it’s as if the fresh air is clearing the fog in your mind. I’d urge you to try it, even alone with some meditation music (have a look on YouTube)
  • REST! If you’re tired, run down, frustrated or have a foggy mind, REST. We often feel low in energy when we’re suffering with our mental health, and battling through our lives will not help, we need to take a breathe and sleep if we need to! Have plans? Cancel them (if possible), it’s time to look after you!

I hope the above has enlightened and inspired you to find your own fabulously mindful little world, and until next time, be safe and stay super cute!

With Love, Luj x

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