My safe haven

We all have that one place where we feel safe, balanced and content, whether it be your bedroom in your family home, a games/hobby room or a secret garden hideout down a cobble stone pathway. From my experience, it’s really important to have a place (safe haven, bunny hutch, chicken coop - whatever you want... Continue Reading →

Be a Flamingo in a flock of Pigeons

I LOVE this quote! I’ve been seeing it around for forever, on Pinterest, on posters etc and it really doesn't get old for me! With all the perfect men and women being thrown in front us at every minute of every day, I think we forget that it’s not just ok, but amazing and powerful to be our own person, and not to try... Continue Reading →

No matter how hard I try…

No matter how hard I try, I’m never truly happy. No matter how hard I try, my emotions always get the better of me. This week, to say the least, has been really hard. Not because anything has happened per say, I’ve just been struggling, struggling a lot more than usual. I find myself not... Continue Reading →

Feeling blue and unwell too?

For the past few days I have felt rather under the weather, which has played havoc with my mental health (MH) and sense of self worth. Or has it? We all have those memories of feeling sick, unwell or being bed bound by pesky germs, and it’s hard to remain positive and enlightened at these... Continue Reading →

Boomeranging’ Sertraline

While taking the antidepressant, Sertraline, (currently 200mg daily), I have, on many occasions found myself running out of, forgetting to or purposefully not taking the drug. We have all been in the situation where we have felt better in ourselves and had the perception that we could continue in life without our trusty drug-aid... and,... Continue Reading →

When tiredness takes over. Zzzz

As it starts getting later into the Sunday evening, I look back on the week that has just passed; work, washing, date nights, and everything in between, which honestly is not much (I live a quiet life, and that's how I like it) Yet, I still seem to be stupidly tired, ALL of the time,... Continue Reading →

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