What makes you happy?

Well, after a, not-so-positive recent post, I am back to brighten my blog up again with enlightenment and general Luj'ness! It's been a challenging couple of weeks and I'm not afraid to admit that I have them frequently, and when I do, I fall pretty damn' hard. This is part of trying to grow, we... Continue Reading →

The voice inside my head

You will have to forgive me, as this isn't my usual uplifting and helpful post, but I just need to let you in on the other side of me, the side that struggles and storms just like you maybe. For the past week I've been battling with myself and the counteractive voice in my head,... Continue Reading →

Adapting your thoughts

While on my journey to find internal happiness, or to at least be content with with who I am, I have found myself purchasing self help books, of which I have taken away some good tips and mental exercises to practice. These have helped me personally to, 1. be kinder to myself, and 2. realise that... Continue Reading →

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